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Every year, Amsterdam hosts the world’s biggest pot party, and you’re invited. WEED takes place at the 8th annual Cannabis Cup & Hemp Expo in 1996, a haven for tokers of every stripe — Patagonia-clad slackers, chic urban business women, blunt toking homeboys, and of course a bunch of refried hippies.  A unique, bleary-eyed look at marijuana culture in the ’90s.

1996, Color, 64 minutes

°World Premiere – International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam
°North American Premiere – New York Underground Film Festival
Arizona International Film Festival
Chicago Underground Film Festival
Freaky Film Festival
Athens International Film Festival

50+ Theatrical Engagements, including:
Red Vic, San Francisco CA
Cinema 21, Portland OR
Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI
Varsity Theatre, Seattle WA
Beverly Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA
Fine Art Cinema, Berkeley CA
Majestic, Madison WI
Kentucky Theatre, Louisville KY
Crest Theatre, Sacramento, CA
Village North Theatre Chicago, IL
Drexel Theatre, Columbus, OH
Varsity Theatre, Chappell Hill, NC
Tivoli Westport Theatre, Kansas City, KS
Enzian Theatre, Orlando, FL
Tower Theatre, Salt Lake City, UT
Cinefest Film Theatre, Atlanta, GA


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